Type(s): Water/Steel&nbsp Tiers: OU


Water Barrier: Prevents water type moves from being used by your opponent if a Pokemon with the ability is in your party.



Submarimon makes a very great Pokemon in OU. It might not seem as useful as it really it is, but can be very effective on anybody's team if used. Submarimon has a total of 11 resistances, with 1 very useful immunity, and to top all of that off Submarimon has one of the best defenses in OU! With 120 and 90 psychical and special defense respectively, Submarimon is an amazing wall. Submarimon is not only a great wall, but it has a super high 115 special attack, with strong special moves, and a considerable 75 speed. The only thing putting Submarimon down is it's terrible movepool, it learns a super low amount of moves, with no supporting moves at all, so it's walling is normally wasted. However, Submarimon is a great special sweeper thanks to high defenses in both areas.


Submarimon might have dissapointing moves, and an "underwhelming" special attack in ubers. However Submarimon is really useful for walling, as it's defenses are pretty solid in ubers. It's ability can prove a lot of usefulness to common special sweepers like Leviamon, Neptunemon, etc. 4x resistance to ice also helps against Pokemon used to sweep teams at ease. Submarimon only suffers from a good movepool, but's that really the only problem, so why not consider Submarimon on an uber team?