Type(s): Dragon/Flying Tiers: Ubers


Air Lock: Negates weather effects.



Azulongmon is one of the most threatening forces in the Uber metagame, and as such should always be considered when making a team. With one Dragon Dance, it is capable of sweeping half a team until Outrage confuses it or Life Orb recoil destroys it. With Swords Dance, Azulongmon becomes a hellish priority sweeper that can force teams to use Choice Scarf Steel-types or Daemon. Azulongmon even has the ability to be a deadly mixed attacker that rips through its most common switch-ins. More often than not, the disadvantageous Pokémon who faces Azulongmon will have to stay in; otherwise one Dragon Dance or Swords Dance on their switch will lead to their demise, and it's better to hit it hard before it does that.

Azulongmon does have a flaw though: it is not an easy Pokémon to switch in. The combination of an environment full of extremely powerful offensive Pokémon, its average defenses (by Uber standards anyway), and its weakness to Stealth Rock means that Azulongmon will have a hard time switching into neutral attacks without taking a large amount of damage. In general, Azulongmon's main switch-ins are done by using its resistances and the opponent's Choice items. Despite having a hard time switching in, Azulongmon is still a fearsome threat that can rip unprepared teams apart.